How to Choose Your Servicer:

Appliance Repair Consumer Tips

We encourage you to keep these tips in mind when choosing repair contractors

~ It is more important who works in your home on your appliance than what someone works on.

~ The larger the company, the greater their overhead will be, and the higher the cost to the consumer will be.

~ Better Business Bureau membership listing is not enough to assume the contractor is in good standing; you should call and verify their standing with the BBB.

~ Some companies say they have insurance, but don't. You should verify that they do by asking to see their certificate. Bill is insured.

Appliances Tips

Call for advice before you cause a bigger problem than what you are starting with.


Make sure there is electricity to the receptacle that your appliance is plugged into. Plug a lamp or hair dryer into the receptacle to check.

Electric dryers, wall ovens or free standing stoves – sometimes it is not enough to look at the breaker to see if it is tripped, flip the breaker off and then back on several times. Sometimes this will reset the breaker that does not look tripped. Then try the appliance again.

If you have an appliance that has a computer in it, turn the breaker off or unplug it for about fifteen minutes. This will to re-boot the computer. Then re-test the appliance.
Sometimes this solves certain problems.


Suggested fresh food temperature is 38 – 42 degrees
Suggested freezer temperature is 0 – 5 degrees

Clean the coil under the refrigerator at least once a year. Coil brushes can be purchased to aid in cleaning the coil.

Make sure the lights turn off when you close the doors. Even a small light staying on when the door is closed will prevent the refrigerator from cooling properly.

Clothes Dryer

Cleaning of the vent from the dryer to the outside to the house increases the efficiency of your dryer. It also reduces the possibility of fire. In some cases a professional vent cleaning company will do the best job for you.

Look behind the dryer to see if the vent hose is bent or collapsed in any manner that might restrict air flow. This problem will increase the length of time that it takes for your dryer to dry properly. It also causes the heat element to operate at too hot of temperature and burn out prematurely.

Dryer vent cleaning companies – I recommend an internet search for your own research needs. Here are a few local companies that I am aware of, however they come with no personal recommendation.


Read your owners manual to understand the importance of water temperature going into your dishwasher. It is recommended to run the sink faucet until you get hot water at least 125 degrees to maximize the dishwashers effectiveness. You might have to turn up the thermostat on your hot water tank to achieve this recommended temperature.

Use rinse aid as recommended by the manufacturer.

Use a cleaning product that is recommended by the manufacturer for de-scaling purposes

Clothes Washer

Visually inspect the hot and cold fill hoses going to your clothes washer. It is recommended to replace the hoses about every five years.

Not draining – looked for a kinked drain hose.

Water on floor – inspect hoses and watch for water coming out of the stand pipe.

Washer shakes – it is more important to have the legs on the machine solid on the floor than to have the machine level. Solid/Firm is better than level !!

Products for clothes washers with a musty odor – I recommend a Google search for your own research needs. Here are a few products that I am aware of, however this is not a personal recommendation on their effectiveness.

Appliance Age

How old is my appliance? I recommend a Google search for your own research needs. Here are a few links that I am aware, but I don't personally endorse them.